Datalog 5 Enhances User Experience

Cortech Developments are proud that we have been able to limit the number of major software revisions during our 22 years in business.  Datalog 3 was available for almost 10 years and Datalog 4 [the predecessor to Datalog 5] has been supported since 2004.

Datalog HDr

This has been a major achievement considering the number of releases of Microsoft operating platforms in that same period.Our commitment to continuous software innovation and development of Datalog has ensured our latest major software version Datalog 5 is backward compatible with Datalog 4. The look and feel of operating Datalog 5 is very similar to Datalog 4.

To find out more about the latest innovative software enhancements and features for Datalog 5, you can book a demonstration at our offices or request further information by contacting Michael Rose on telephone 01925 750600 or email