Innovation in Perimeter Systems

Posted on by james

Cortech are pleased to announce an integration initiative with Italian company CIAS.


CIAS Elettronica S.r.l. is an Italian company that has manufactured electronic devices since 1974 for the protection of the external perimeter. Their product range includes microwave, infrared, triple technology barriers, as well as fence detection systems.

The CIAS Microwave Barrier driver allows DATALOG 5 to monitor the CIAS range of microwave barrier products which include:

CIAS – Digital Microwave Barriers & Sensors

  • Digital Fuzzy Logic signal analysis for ranges of 165, 265, 400, 660, 825 and 1640 ft.
  • The internal microprocessor uses fuzzy logic to analyse the received signal maximising performance in detection probability and low false alarm rates.
  • The sensor is able to detect intruders walking, running, crawling or rolling.
  • Every event that generates an alarm or a significant change in the received signal is date/ stamped and stored in memory and can be analysed in real time and/or later.
  • The environment is continuously checked to detect possible changes as well as monitoring the temperature gradient to compensate for signal differences.
  • The device is IP and PoE ready

CIAS – SIOUX 3.0 Fence Detection System

  • Fence mounted detection system based on 3D mems sensors technology.
  • Pinpoint location with 1 meter resolution.
  • Up to 20 zones every 700m.
  • Touch and Zone™ Function.
  • The device is Full IP.


  • Plug and Play system for simplified wiring and universal interface.
  • It is possible to collect all the status alarms [pre-alarm, alarm, failure, tamper and no answer].
  • All the information received by the server can be displayed on graphic maps.
  • By using the CIAS Digital Sensor with the IB System Rack it is possible to adjust parameters and perform all maintenance tasks from a remote site.

Multiple devices and sensors can be integrated to a single Datalog workstation permitting a simple graphical monitoring of the perimeter detection technology.