Introducing Datalog MV for Interoperable CCTV

Cortech Developments has reduced the risk and cost associated with the management of multiple CCTV systems with the launch of its latest product, Datalog MV [which operates with the latest version of Datalog]. 

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Furthermore, end users will benefit from enhanced control, flexibility and system stability when operating cameras in conjunction with Datalog MV across multiple sites and buildings.

Commenting on the new product launch, Cortech Developments Director, Gary Corbett said, “MV is a major step forward for the Datalog product’s IP video integration.  MV can reside on the Datalog PC’s or on multiple dedicated video PC’s, seamlessly providing both local video multi-image display or shared video wall management.  Furthermore it has the ability during an alarm event to simultaneously display live video camera views and pre/post event replays. This facility greatly increases the operator’s situation awareness.”

Reduced Risk

Addressing key risks around managing CCTV systems was centric to the development of Datalog MV as a standalone system. By extending our product portfolio to include a dedicated video management application, Cortech has simultaneously improved resilience and fault tolerance, whilst also extending the features and capabilities of its existing range.

This creates a more robust system with the video ‘running out of process’ and therefore the Datalog application will not be adversely affected by potential third party video sdk issues.   Put simply the Datalog MV application allows multiple CCTV brands to run as ‘plug ins’ which ensures overall system stability is maximised and your exposure to risk and downtime is reduced.

So how does Datalog MV make a difference and add value:

  • Datalog MV talks directly via the manufacturers API, allowing you to benefit from many of the manufacturer specific camera and recording features, maximising the effectiveness of your system.
  • Datalog MV talks to multiple CCTV systems across multiple sites, which provides significant cost benefits when combining legacy and new technology.
  • Datalog MV gives you the flexibility to invest in the best of breed CCTV systems that align with your current and future security requirements.
  • Datalog MV provides an enhanced ‘video replay’ experience. Live, alarm pre/post and historical video footage can be viewed simultaneously across all connected manufacturers systems.
  • Datalog MV can be utilised to provide a multi-monitor video wall.

To book a demonstration for Datalog MV please call Shaun Kelly on 01925 750 600 or email