Texecom Integration enhances awareness

Posted on by paulspence

Cortech Developments is pleased to announce the integration of Datalog 5 with Texecom’s suite of Premier Elite’s intruder panels. Texecom is Europe’s largest independent security alarm specialist providing bespoke design solutions that protect people and property throughout the world.


Cortech’s latest software product, Datalog 5, is easy to use and provides integration and interoperability for a wide range of building, high security and safety systems. This assists end users in reducing risk and operational costs while optimising efficiency, situation awareness and accountability. Furthermore, Datalog provides an audit trail of events which includes a full history database which can be linked to retrieve audio and video verification for each event.

Each Premier Elite control panel shares the same programming platform and peripheral devices, ensuring instant product familiarity across the range. Datalog communicates with multiple panels across wide and local area networks. The integration enables Datalog to communicate with the Premier Elite control panel and monitors the status of the following:

  • Areas (partitions) including whether armed or disarmed
  • Zones, including alarms and tampers
  • Panel status including any faults

The driver also sends messages to the panel for the following:

  • Arm, disarm or reset an area or the entire panel
  • Bypass (omit) a zone on the panel
  • Retrieve the panels event log
  • Keypad emulation
  • Control the PC controlled outputs on the panel

Some new features of the Premier Elite range of control panels include:

  • Built in switch mode power supplies which are 80% efficient
  • Upgraded the processing power to enhance to functionality and enable faster implementation of new features
  • Accept multiple Ricochet® enabled wireless expanders increasing the wireless device capacity
  • Wireless key fobs are now assigned to users and no longer take up device slots on wireless expanders.  This dramatically increases the number of wireless key fobs available on each system