Innovative Perimeter Integration

Posted on by paulspence

Cortech Developments is pleased to announce that its latest major software version, Datalog 5, now offers full integration to Harper Chalice’s suite of perimeter protection systems.

perimeter fencing

“This is another example of bringing together innovative technology to deliver benefit to the end user. Perimeter systems of this nature in combination with Datalog address many of the challenges that are faced by environments that are often vast, complex and involve multiple sites and buildings,” said Mark Thomas, Director of Cortech Developments.

Harper Chalice is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of electronic and electrified perimeter security systems.

Datalog integration with Harper Chalice’s network system, SecureBus, allows for the physical detection of three perimeter security products namely; PulseSecure™, FenceSecure™ and TriSecure.

Datalog and SecureBus provide:

  • Complete control and monitoring of the systems as well as remote engineering features such as sensitivity adjustment’s and self-test options.
  • Monitored network and cable faults around the entire system.
  • Ability to integrate 3rd party devices and sensors through expander cards with total behaviour control and monitoring via Datalog.

Mark added, “Cortech operate across many vertical sectors, where there are sites that are geographically spread across different regions. Integration and smarter interoperability through Datalog has allowed many organisations to centralise their operations and benefit from reduced cost and risk, while increasing their efficiency, safety and situation awareness.”

Datalog enables real time monitoring and control of multiple buildings and systems. From a central control room the events at a wide range of remote sites can be monitored and controlled quickly and effectively. Systems warnings, events and alarms are all clearly identified (with pre-determined help information) prioritised, graphically located and visually verified with automatic CCTV to enable a more efficient and accountable response.

By utilising the SecureBus network to connect to Datalog, the system integrator and client know that the infrastructure and management process remains constant regardless of which detection systems are utilised on the site.

Chris Hackett, Director of Harper Chalice believes the integration will add value to their proposition:

“This integration demonstrates our continued commitment to improve system performance and meet the needs of our customers. In a world where your mobile telephone can control your heating or even your television, customers rightly expect the same when it comes to state of the art security systems.”

Chris added, “With the SecureBus integration, customers are able to benefit from live information and control of the entire site or even multiple remote sites. Furthermore, different technologies can be used on the same network, either using different technology for different areas or for using combinations of technology on the same areas for maximum protection.”

The Datalog SecureBus integration is now installed and operational on its first site.