Collaborative Approach to Workflow

Response to critical events and different threat levels should follow clearly defined processes irrespective of operator experience or expertise and be managed effectively to prevent escalation. 

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Cortech is collaborating with end users through the specification and design process, to create an innovative real world application solution.

As part of this process, Cortech have embarked on a development programme that will culminate in the launch of an integrated workflow and emergency response tool operating within its main software platform, Datalog 5.  The solution is being designed to ensure that all control room operators, respond to events and incidents consistently in line with organisational policy and process.

Furthermore it will incorporate a comprehensive audit trail that will provide users with the ability to analyse the way they have handled events to make improvements and reduce the risk of potential future incident escalations.

A collaborative approach with our customers involved the establishment of an ‘End User Workflow Forum Group’, with the view to obtaining feedback and requirements from a wide range of high profile organisations operating in different market sectors.

To date the Workflow Forum Group have had the opportunity to actively influence and oversee two stages of the development programme incorporating the Workflow Designer Proposal [Phase 1] and the Workflow Interface [Phase 2] and provided feedback at each of these stages.  The Workflow Specification [Phase 3] is due to be released in early September.

Commenting on the Workflow Forum Group, Mark Thomas (Cortech Developments Director) said, “Workflow will add real value to end user operators. Our open approach has been well received, providing the opportunity for customers to engage with our design team to create a solution that will be ‘easy to use’ and ‘easy to configure’. The Development Programme remains ongoing and we have further phases that will require input and feedback in the build up to the launch of the product in 2017.”

We would encourage other organisations to join our Forum and this is your opportunity to be part of the development of an added value product.  If you wish to join the Workflow Forum Group please email: