Smart Access Integration Mitigates Risk

Through integration partnerships, Cortech Developments continue to add value to modern day control room environments.

News Page -Smart Access Integration Mitigates Risk

Cortech Developments main software product, Datalog 5, now offers full integration to ACTpro Enterprise (a product designed by ACT, the European access control provider).

The partnership between Cortech and ACT will provide end users with an added value solution that mitigates risk across large estates, incorporating multiple sites and buildings.

Commenting on the integration Jason Blundell (Head of Sales and Business Development at Cortech Developments) said:

“The ACT collaboration demonstrates the power of integration and reinforces how interoperable systems mitigate risk, provide sustainable cost reduction, improve efficiency and deliver greater situation awareness.”

ACT and Cortech are achieving interoperability that provides cause and effect across an unusually wide range of building systems through data merging.

David Moran, Marketing Director at ACT, said:

“The alliance with Cortech is another example of constituent parts of facility management coming together. We’re committed to wide-ranging data solutions, so working with a leading SMS provider was a logical step. ACT now offers a broader suite that can be used on complex and multiple sites.”

Both Cortech Developments and ACT operate across sectors including education, healthcare, retail, utilities, transportation and government with a particular focus on high-security environments and CNI.  Cortech solutions are deployed in 27 countries and ACT exports to over 40 countries.