COIE Bristol – Mitigating Risk

Posted on by paulspence

This week Cortech Developments hosts its first Cortech Open Innovation Event of the year at the Bristol Science Centre (18 July – 10.30am-2.30pm).

event audience presentation

The event is a showcase for some of the latest advances in security, fire and building control technology and a platform for demonstrating how interoperability between these systems can reduce risk and cost, improve operational efficiency and provide greater situation awareness.

The event aims to challenge us all to think about the way we manage infrastructures and buildings with a view to safety, security, interoperability and sustainability.

How Will You Benefit From The Event?

This event is open to end users, consultants and main contractors. A live demonstration will challenge the audience to consider how they utilise their existing systems and new technology to deliver greater benefits and value for their organisation.

Facilitated through the use of software and manufacturers equipment, the demonstration addresses many of the challenges faced by modern day control room environments including intrusions, unauthorised access, fire detection, nuisance alarms and building energy efficiency .

Further consideration will be given to the risks and challenges faced when managing multiple technologies across multiple sites centring on:

  • Prioritisation
  • Escalation
  • Accountability
  • Verification
  • Efficiency
  • Return on investment

The demonstration will also feature an insight into how to reduce the risk associated with the management and operation of multiple CCTV vendors across multiple sites, including enhanced verification.

Who Will Be There?

Cortech Developments will be joined at the event by Bosch (CCTV), Harper Chalice (Perimeter Protection), Paxton (Access Control) and Stentofon-Zenitel UK (Intercoms). Each manufacturer will be available for ‘one to one’ engagement after the live demonstration.