The Future of CCTV Intelligence and Fire Integration

Cortech Developments’ key focus as a business is to assist today’s practising professionals to mitigate risk by dint of employing smarter interoperability. 


The company’s recent Forum – for which Risk Xtra served as the Official Media Partner – brought together end users in order for them to share experiences.

The company’s recent Forum – for which Risk Xtra served as the Official Media Partner – brought together end users in order for them to share experiences, widen their scope of knowledge and learn the latest techniques and guidance, as well as witness live fire and integration demonstration.

The forum jointly hosted with BOSCH, was held at Cortech Developments’ head office near Knutsford in Cheshire on Wednesday 25th September and ran from 9.30am through until 2.30pm. The event was designed to challenge attending delegates to consider how they might use their existing systems and new technology alike to deliver greater benefits and value for their organisations as well as looking at what does the future hold for CCTV intelligence and fire integration.

A further objective on the day was for delegates to share experiences among their peers, widen their scope of knowledge and learn about Best Practice with a view to maximising their value out of Datalog. Datalog is a modular software suite that operates as a single or multi-user GUI, providing local and remote site monitoring and control of building, fire, security and energy systems. From the end user’s perspective, Datalog assists in reducing risk and cost while at the same time maximising efficiencies, situational awareness and accountability.

10 am – Arrival and networking with refreshments
10.30 am – Welcomes and introductions where the attendees were introduced to one another and the key objectives of the forum were outlined
10.50 am – Delegates had an open forum where they were able to share experiences and discuss hot topics and challenges
11.30 am – Comfort Break
11.50 am – Guest Speaker Presentation
12.20 pm – Lunch and networking
1 pm – An introduction to intelligent video analytics from BOSCH
1.20 pm – Live demonstrations of CCTV fire detections
1.30 pm – Innovation and integration from Cortech Developments
2.10 pm – Summary of the day’s achievements
2.30 pm – Close

Fire Detection and Integration

One of the presenters on the day was Pete Bartlett, who has over 35 years’ experience in building services and fire engineering, and has been involved in the deployment of a number of complex projects in multiple sectors regarding fully integrated solutions. With a history of specialising in the design and installation of commercial and industrial fire detection.

Pete is technically minded and provides fire and security consultancy services including, strategic review and advice relating to existing or proposed fire alarm and security systems, maintenance and service agreements, Public Sector and Private Sector new and renewal tender management advice and support, as well as asset validation and compliance with servicing standards and recommendations.

He is currently working with the Fire Industry Association (FIA) in order to advise and help shape legislation and raise the professional standards of the fire industry.

His presentation on the day focused on the FIA’s journey to raise competency within the Fire Industry, integration of fire systems and the benefits as well as the challenges around false alarms and the risks associated with these false alarms.

During his presentation slot, he asked delegates to think about what they wanted integration of systems to do for them; for example:

  • Prevent extensive fire damage, financial loss and loss of life?
  • Execute automatic actions between control equipment to initiate critical system operations?
  • Integrate data and produce clear, usable, information and instruction to system users
  • Produce data to allow improvements to system reliability and safety.

Interestingly he also expanded on a number of challenges that attendees may have already come across or may face in the future, such as:

  • An often prescriptive approach, based on meeting the regulations, recommendations, directives etc.
  • Not exceeding those regulations, recommendations, directives etc.
  • To provide a more proactive, responsible approach, based on an understanding of – what do you want to happen when an event or events happen, that is over & above the prescribed approach.
  • These can be challenging, as the focus is often on, how do I produce an alarm or data relating to an alarm, and not on, what am I now going to do with it or associate actions with it?.

Pete concluded his presentation with the benefits of video flame & video smoke detection.

Feedback from Delegates

Delegates gave the quality of the forum content an average rating of 4.44, scoring the workshops/activities with an average rating of 4.25. The added value aspect of the event scored an average of 4.44 with the maximum mark being 5.

The two main reasons for delegates attending the forum were:

  • To learn more about the future developments for Datalog
  • To discover how to get more from your Datalog System

Memorable moments of the day for delegates included the following:

  • Future CCTV fault notification
  • Good to see the possible future enhancements due to come online
  • Advancements in technology and how they can utilise going forward
  • Demo and guest speaker
  • Networking and knowledge transfer
  • Discussions about how to pull strategy for sustainable development together
  • Future developments
  • Cortech system platform/interface
  • Potential of analytics in CCTV
  • Meeting with like-minded people – same challenges
  • How cameras could be utilised as another sensor rather than just something to provide an image

“The event was great! I certainly got what I wanted from the day. It was good to network with other colleagues in the industry and water sector too. All good from me. Please let me know of any future events”. Delegate from the Water Industry

“I would like to say thank you for the interesting day that we had at Cortech. So much so we would like to arrange a visit with yourselves and ourselves to see how we can integrate with our current systems that we use on our sites”. Delegate from a Health Trust

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