Topguard Joins the Cortech Developments Technical Partner Programme

We are excited to announce that Topguard has partnered with Cortech Developments. Even though the two organisations have worked together on numerous projects for the last 15 years, Topguard has recently graduated to become one of Cortech’s new Gold Partners.

Topguard Joins Technical Partner List

With Topguard being active in the field of perimeter intrusion detection systems, Cortech has become a proven, loyal and committed partner who integrate and interface to the main brands of products and special devices used by their clients. For example, this has led to the development of integration with electrical fencing equipment with Nemtek. The combined features of Nemtek’s electrical fencing combined with the power of Cortech’s Datalog System allows Topguard to outperform its competitors and become the market leader in verticals such as correctional facilities, oil & gas distribution, VIP protection, etc.

In other words Topguard have always found Cortech to be willing to collaborate and together come up with not only innovative but also highly reliable solutions.

The Datalog system enables end users to obtain a high level of awareness of what is going on their site, not only in real time, but also when investigation is needed post event or incident. For clients this not only reduces risk but also limits the damage of intrusion, hold up or sabotage events for example. Datalog has proven itself to be an excellent tool for technicians when performing general system maintenance or when analysing certain faults or debugging issues.

The added advantage comes with the look and feel of Datalog, it is completely 3rd party independent so the operator does not have to familiarise themselves with the practicalities of operating a new or different sub systems, multiple systems or different brands of equipment.

The high level of operator awareness is achieved by the seamless integration of video with other sensor data, leapfrogging when Cortech introduced Datalog MV. Datalog automatically ties together alarm information with live and stored video images from a single or multiple cameras. The operator doesn’t need to manually select cameras, DVRs and recording times to search for the correct data. Datalog and Datalog MV present the operator automatically with the correct overview no matter how many cameras, recorders or even CCTV brands the end user has on site.

As with all things in life, a complicated system can only work well and live up to its full potential if the people behind it have the experience and the knowhow of all the elements involved in making the system work. Topguard therefore believe that their in depth engineering knowledge and experience working with perimeter intrusion systems together with Datalog and Datalog MV is key and makes for an excellent end solution. This is of cause backed up by the skilled software engineers working over at Cortech.

Topguard, as one of Cortech’s Gold Partners, is therefore looking forward to delivering many more exciting projects a long way into the future.