Cortech Technical Partner Breakfast Briefings

Cortech Developments are excited to announce the launch of our monthly remote breakfast briefing meetings, exclusively for Gold and Platinum members of our Technical Partner Programme.

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Launching in October, these 40 minute sessions, have been created as a business environment for our busy professionals to help them step into a bite-sized information and networking event on their way to the office, or to their home office space, as many of our customers are now remote working.

The breakfast briefing meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of every month and start at 8.30 am and are open to anyone from your organisation, as long as you are either a Gold or Platinum Technical Partner.

With each session you will gain early access to notification of new product releases and improvements, be informed of the latest Cortech innovation and also have the chance to revisit existing product features that can bring new benefits to the way you use our Datalog systems.

You will have the chance to remotely engage with different members of the Cortech Team, knowledge share with others from our industry and discover new features that will allow you to get the most out of your Datalog system.

These interactive online events have been designed to give you, our partners, the chance to not only provide us with real time feedback, but to create an ongoing, collaborative dialogue, to ensure that we can jointly deliver industry leading solutions to provide end users with efficient and effective solutions.

The events are free to attend and all you have to do is join via an exclusive link, all we ask is that you pre-register yourself or colleagues.

These breakfast briefings are an excellent opportunity for you to update your knowledge, while remotely connecting with your peers and new business contacts.