Have You Refreshed Your Datalog Training Lately?

Technology changes at an exponential rate, more so now than ever. Keeping up to date can be challenging, especially when you’re already managing various different building, fire and security control equipment found within a busy control room environment.

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We cater for varying degrees of knowledge; for example, you may already be using or deploying Datalog, never used the system before or may not even be aware of some of the new and improved functions Datalog can offer.

By offering training and refresher training, Cortech are hoping to empower our users and partners and prevent situations where lack of knowledge or understanding of Datalog could translate to poor perception or quality of the system.

Our refresher training is designed to bring learners back to basics, have the opportunity to review some of the fundamentals that may have been forgotten, or brush up on new information and enhancements.

By refreshing your Datalog training every three years, users can benefit from the following:

• Stay current with the latest updates, features and best practice
• Discover and keep pace with new 3rd party technologies
• Learn real life examples from both the instructors as well as the other students

• Networking with other students as well as with the instructor
• Increased productivity at work by applying the learned principles
• Provides with an opportunity to answer outstanding questions in order to assist with your own understanding

Currently all our learning and development is delivered online and sessions are tailored to meet the needs of delegates, while remaining fully interactive, allowing for participants to contribute and engage in discussion throughout.

It is important for you to attend refresher training every three years, to renew any outdated or obsolete information picked up from previous training.

If you would like to learn how we can help or to book onto one of our online training courses, then please email sales@cortech.co.uk or alternatively call 01925 750 600 and we will be happy to arrange.