Why Should You Upgrade Your Datalog Software?

The truth is that software and hardware will always require regular updates. Customer demand for new features, smarter working and the desire for things to run faster are just three reasons upgrades will always been needed.

Upgrade Datalog Software

While security is another major reason to upgrade and can’t be overstated, there are other benefits to consider. Often you’ll see improved functionality and increased ease of use and as a user you will find that that your experience and interaction will improve with each new release.

Our latest software, Datalog 5.2, provides integration with a range of 3rd party technologies that optimises your workplace safety, security and building efficiency, while providing a more flexible and enhanced solution, increasing operator’s situational awareness and accountability while reducing risks.

Reduces Cost

Upgrading systems sounds expensive, however, the truth is that older systems have more issues – and consequently more costs. The damage and disruption caused by unstable or faulty systems and software can very quickly escalate to much more than it would have cost to invest in an upgrade.

Increased Productivity

Newer software and hardware is more streamlined, has less load time and designed to be easier to use. Faster devices and software enhancements can increase employee productivity and reduce the risk of disruption and downtime to your business.

Better Security & Support

The most effective way to improve your cyber security is to ensure your software and hardware is up to date, new PC hardware is more efficient and gives a higher performance.

As technology changes, such as the evolution of Datalog over the years, the support and maintenance of older versions becomes challenging. Software vendors cannot maintain support for old software for long periods and Cortech is no different; operating systems that exceed the extended support date will no longer receive security updates and therefore are at greater risk to security threats.

Software support will be provided to our customers under their current, valid support agreement. In the event that a customer is unable to upgrade their OS to a version that is in mainstream support, then any hardware, OS and driver issues cannot be supported beyond ‘best endeavour’.

By upgrading to the latest version of Datalog you’re ensuring support for the latest operating systems, feature enhancements and bug fixes.


Our software upgrades provide more than just security updates, with each version of Datalog, we are offering new and improved features as well as additional enhancements in order to make your end user experience better. Our developers are constantly working on ways to improve Datalog and more often than not this via a collaborative approach listening to feedback from our end users and Technical Partners.

We routinely update Datalog to add new 3rd party product support and ensure that our drivers stay current with those that we already work with.

To find out more about the latest innovative software enhancements and features for Datalog 5.2 why not contact us and book a demonstration of Datalog?

Please email sales@cortech.co.uk or alternatively call 01925 750 600 and we will be happy to arrange.