Trusted Advisor…. A Buzz Word or Something More?

“Trusted Advisor” is it just the latest buzz word or is there any substance behind companies that claim they are one? Many organisations will claim to be your trusted advisor, the go to company that will be able to offer you more than just a solution, but how many of these statements are true? 

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Here at Cortech we draw a distinction between the quality of our products and solutions and our ability to essentially step into a consultant role and help our customers make informed, intelligent business decisions. Our team see being a trusted advisor as a step beyond solution selling, it is also about the overall relationship we’re establishing with our end users and technical partners.

Users of our software listen seriously to our recommendations and value our perspective as they make choices for how to solve their underlying business challenges, mitigate potential risk and improve monitoring of multiple systems that our products address. Getting to this point where our clients regard us as an advisor is all about trust, communication, transparency and consistency.

We truly believe that any organisation, and it doesn’t matter what product they are selling or service they are offering, that refers to them as a trusted advisor should be able to do two things. Firstly they should be able to firmly align with its customers’ best interests and secondly they should have the ability to create real value for the customer, users need reassurance that there is stability in their purchase decision.

A truly trusted advisor is someone who puts the other party´s best interest first. It requires independence, ability to form a criteria-based opinion, active listening skills and empathy, a service orientation, and the courage to challenge and say ‘no’ from time to time.

The benefits are crystal clear: if you’re the first port of call for a client with a critical business problem then you’re in a position to help shape that client’s thinking, to build a deep understanding of the situation, and to establish strong credibility through the discussions.

For the customer, having suppliers they can call “trusted advisors” also brings a wealth of benefits to their organisation. Not only are you provided with more complete solutions that address your business requirements, your aspirations and long-term needs will be taken into consideration and you will be working with companies that can help generate ways to accomplish those long term goals.

Regardless of whether we are selling goods, services, or integrated solutions, for us here at Cortech Developments being a trusted advisor is much more than having a good relationship with you.