The Ultimate Tag Team

Omniflex teams up with software development specialist, Cortech to provide fully integrated all-in-one solutions.

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Site managers are always worrying about data. Are they collecting all the key operational data across their site? Or maybe they’re compiling so much data they’re struggling to compile and analyse it all? Worries like these keep site managers awake at night. Now, software development specialist, Cortech Developments has teamed up with remote monitoring specialist, Omniflex to provide fully integrated all-in-one solutions to give site managers peace of mind by improving and simplifying their data capture and analysis capabilities.

It sounds like a common-sense approach to integrate modern day buildings systems, like fire alarms and automatic door locks, as a way of improving day-to-day operations at a facility. However, it isn’t always that easy. Many sites are still using systems that aren’t networked to communicate with one another and upgrading them isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. Now, Omniflex and Cortech Developments have joined forces to provide the perfect solution in the shape of an all-in-one solution to handle all networking requirements, data capture and top end analysis needs.

“There are several key benefits for businesses that implement an all-in-one solution to handle their networking, data capture and top-end analysis needs”, explained Gary Bradshaw, director at Omniflex. “Crucially, it drastically lowers the project costs and reduces any operational disruptions associated with implementing the solution compared to a traditional approach, where you would have different companies providing different parts of a solution.”

Omniflex’s Conet networking technology forms a key part of the offering with it able to use existing on-site cables, like phone lines, to create a true token passing peer-to-peer, low-latency, secure industrial network. This facilitates an increase in on-site connectivity and automation, without the need for widespread upgrades of legacy equipment or significant investments in infrastructure work.

“Omniflex provides innovative, out-of-the-box network and telemetry solutions across several key industry sectors so it was a no-brainer to add it to the list of Cortech’s official manufacturing partners”, explained Jason Blundell, head of sales and marketing at Cortech Developments. “By combining Cortech’s modular software suites with Omniflex’s networking and data capture solutions, it adds another piece to the puzzle and enables us to provide customers with an all-in-one easy-to-operate solution for all their data capture and analysis needs.

“At Cortech, we’re often perceived as being a company that only provides solutions for the fire, safety and security sectors, not one that operates in other key industrial sectors like the process or automation industries. Entering into this partnership with Omniflex opens the door to other industrial sectors that we aren’t traditionally known to operate in but are more than capable of servicing with our software.”

Cortech Developments have engineered an innovative umbrella platform that consolidates all building systems onto one easy-to-use interface. This can be used to monitor all incoming data across the facility, as well as produce reports including data trends and statistical analysis. Ultimately, the system limits risk and provides a way of making operational data visible and user friendly.