Mitigating Risk in Facility Management

What do we mean when we talk about risk and how it can be managed? Risk is when an organisation or facility is exposed to danger, harm or loss varying from minimal to extreme. The whole purpose of managing these risks is to reduce any impact on your business and individuals at your organisation.

Cortech Mitigating Your Risk

No one can guarantee that equipment will not fail, or that people will not make mistakes, or that accidents will not happen. Not all risks can be accepted so you can put processes and procedures in place that help to mitigate and manage risk to ensure that events have little or no impact on the operation of the organisation.

*“Risk management is the identification, evaluation, and prioritisations of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor, and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events or to maximise the realisation of opportunities.”

So what happens next? After an organisation has established what risks could occur and understood the level of impact these risks could have, they need managing and solutions that can assist with this need researching.

One way to manage risk is to invest in and implement a monitoring and management system, such as Datalog, that can alert the key personal and give early warning as soon as a particular alarm or event occurs, this way the level of damage or threat as a consequence from the risk will be minimised and the issue won’t go unidentified.

Adapting one of these systems can bring a wealth of benefits to the organisation as a whole and is an effective practice to reduce cost, increase efficiencies and reduce internal workload pressures as well as mitigate risks.

Monitoring systems are not limited to just CCTV or for security purposes such as the remote management of access control, or for even keeping lone workers secure.

A proficient system will not only be able to provide local and remote site monitoring and control for single or multiple sites and buildings but also integrate into multiple third party building systems. Examples are process and control automation, energy, fire, security and lifesaving systems. Thus providing the organisation with reduced response times and greater situational awareness, all of which help to make the running of a facility incredibly smooth.

The list of situations or possible risks where remote monitoring systems could come in to play is endless; even more so when combined with reporting and analytical data tools.

Risk management is really all about identifying the unique problem your facility faces and imagining how a system like Datalog could provide you with a solution.

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