Cortech Developments Releases Additional Integration with Nedap’s SENSIT

Cortech Developments is delighted to announce the integration of its Datalog Integrated Management Software with Nedap’s SENSIT that delivers a parking bay occupancy detection platform that utilises robust, accurate and cost-effective in-ground parking sensors.

Cortech Integrate with Nedap SENSIT

The new Cortech integration with Nedap’s SENSIT Integration allows events from Nedap SENSIT systems to be seamlessly combined with Cortech’s software management solution, Datalog, providing the user with complete alarm management in a single user interface.

The integration allows users to combine their SENSIT vehicle detection system with a fully featured building, fire and security management system, Datalog. As a result, users can benefit from better operational control, full situational awareness and a complete audit trail of alarms, events and user interactions. The combination of data from both of the systems ensures more efficiency and improvement in the process for the end user.

Datalog provides smarter interoperability for multiple technologies across multiple sites; assisting organisations to reduce risk and costs, while maximising situation awareness and operational efficiency.

Combined with Nedap’s smart parking sensors SENSIT, Datalog is able to provide an overview of the status of parking bays, and optimizes existing capacity by displaying real-time parking capacity.

Some example features include:

• Analysis – such as understanding which parking bays are used more or less frequently.
• Alerts – warning or notification if a vehicle exceeds an overstay time that has been set.
• Status – live parking sensor status to improve operational efficiency.

Jason Blundell, Head of Sales & Marketing for Cortech Developments commenting on the integration said “We are delighted to welcome this additional solution from Nedap into our portfolio of 3rd party products that we integrate to. We are looking forward to working with the SENSIT team and opening doors to new opportunities. The partnership between Nedap and Cortech demonstrates our on-going commitment to offer users flexibility and the widest choice, when selecting an integrated software platform.”

Edwin Siemerink, Proposition Manager SENSIT at Nedap: “We are happy with the integration of Cortech’s Datalog Integrated Management Software with our SENSIT solution to provide an overview of the status of parking bays and to optimise the existing parking capacity with real-time parking data. We look forward to cooperating in this interesting project with Cortech.”