Cortech Development Extends Pilot Programme

After the success of the initial pilot period, Cortech Developments are excited to announce that we have decided to extend the Technical Partner Breakfast Briefings for a further 6 months with the objective of rolling out these events on a more permanent basis.

TPBB Pilot Extended

Originally launched in October 2020 as a 6-month pilot programme, Cortech created a series of monthly virtual breakfast briefings exclusively for Gold and Platinum members of our Technical Partner Programme.

Each 40-minute session presented on the 3rd Thursday of every month, was designed and created as a business environment for our busy professionals to help them step into a bite-sized information and networking event on their way to the office or from their home office space.

Feedback from attendees has been important in helping to evaluate and develop these events and whether the programme would move forward or not. With each Breakfast Briefing we are learning more about what our partners want to gain from these events, what is important to them and the acting on the feedback we receive. Participants are given the opportunity after every event to share feedback and suggestions, which in turn help us to shape the future of these events.

These virtual events have been a first of their kind for Cortech and rated a success, not just by the Cortech team but also by those who have attended. So far over we have seen over 40 attendees register for the initial events, with a larger percentage of these registering monthly for each event.

One attendee had the following to say about the event “Thank you for the breakfast session this morning. It was very informative, in a fun and casual way. Mark and Jason did a great job! Once again, my compliments Cortech team! Super well done!” While another delegate commented that the event was “Very professional and well delivered”.

Jason Blundell, Head of Sales and Marketing comments, “We are delighted to extend this trial period and see how we can further develop these events and help create a real value add to our Technical Partner Programme. We are only in the early stages but really excited to see where we can take them in the future.”

Following feedback from attendees who have been unable to attend every event, we have made all information from each briefing available on our Partner and User Portal.

If you have not yet attended one of our Breakfast Briefings and would like to do so, and your organisation is either a Gold or Platinum Technical Partner of ours, then why not go to our events page on the website and register your details.