Why Is It Important To Keep Your Training Up To Date?

Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees, introduce new employees to software systems as well as give them a chance to stay current with the latest updates, features and best practice. Many software users are unaware of the benefits in updating their software to the current release or attending refresher training.

News Page - Keep Training Updated

With the current global situation many businesses are now facing, there is no need to worry that staff training courses will take up lots of time. Many courses, including our Datalog Training can now be delivered online so attendees can still enjoy the same benefits and interaction as before but with the added convenience of joining from your own laptop or PC whether you are working from the office or home.

Not only is it good practice to ensure that you are constantly learning what your software can do right now, but what about upcoming versions and major releases?

Understanding the features or functions within the software often directly addresses common problems experienced by users. Therefore, by keeping abreast of the common software functions, updates and new features within your systems, will not only reduce onsite user issues but it will also improve productivity of your employees.

Breaking down internal barriers to training and refresher training, will not only ensure that staff will acquire skills and knowledge that are relevant to the workplace and their role, but the benefits can also be extended to include improved self-esteem, motivation, and confidence.

Investing in learning and development not only increases employee satisfaction, but also improves their expertise resulting in an increase of staff loyalty and retention. Not only that, but when an employee is exposed to regular up to date training, it will help to standardise the work process among other members of staff as everyone will apply the same process and follow similar procedures.

Regular training goes a long way in getting employees up to date with new technology, use existing ones better and then discard the outdated ones which in turn helps to get things done efficiently and in the most productive way.

As a user of Datalog, it is important for you to attend refresher training every three year and to renew any outdated or obsolete information picked up from previous training.

If you would like to learn how we can help or to book onto one of our online training courses, then please email sales@cortech.co.uk or alternatively call 01925 750 600 and we will be happy to arrange.