What Makes A Great Technical Partnership?

In addition to helping companies experience smooth implementation processes, technical partnerships can also provide platform integration support for companies that use systems from different companies that have to work in sync with one another.

What Makes A Great Technical Partnership

Cortech Developments have joined forces with a number of Technical Partners who match our commitment and drive to deliver industry leading solutions in order to create a real return on their investment.

With technology and the industry changing at such a rapid pace, there is an increased demand from end users for a high level of connectivity and alliance in values and visions from their system integrators, device manufactures and other business systems.

Our combined knowledge, expertise, advocacy and loyalty allow us to jointly provide customers with a solution that will successfully improve life safety and site security while mitigating modern day life risks to all forms of organisations.

The right partnership will be key to your business and your customers, so partnering with organisations whose values and vision align with yours is vital.

In our experience there are some simple but key factors that make a successful technical partnership.

Collaborative approach to projects

Understanding each others products and how the integration of the two systems fit into the overall solution for the end user is key to any successful project. Both parties need to be collaborative in their selling approach, communication to the end customer and the benefits that the end user will experience by working with the two organisations.

Customers can use joint solutions to create a cohesive, tightly integrated, secure software solution for smarter technology interoperability, resulting in greater visibility, accountability, increased productivity and a lower cost of ownership.

Communication and transparency

Long-term successful relationships not only require transparency but also honesty from both parties.

Maintaining open and regular communication is the foundation to any successful partnership, questions can be asked, objectives can be met and if there are any new challenges that need to be addressed these can also be discussed.

Trust and knowledge of each other’s systems

Knowing, understanding and being fully trained in your technical partners system is vital to being able to offer a complete solution to your end customers. If your team are fully trained in how to deploy the software solution and how all the different features can benefit the end customer then you will prevent situations where lack of knowledge or understanding of your solution could translate to poor perception or quality of the system and its business.

Technical requirements aside, the search for technology partners must include an element of trust. The right technical partners will put effort into understanding your business, the problems you are trying to solve, and your specific customer needs.

Liz Duffin, National Account Manager for Cortech Developments, explains what she feels makes a great Technical Partnership, “For me, I think good partnerships thrive on great communication and offering support and encouragement to one another.”

“I also believe that being ‘available’ is important! Whether it’s as simple as answering the phone, returning a missed call, or replying to email in a timely manner, showing people that you have time for them sets a firm foundation for good working partnerships.”

In simple terms great partnerships create better solutions.