Datalog Success For A Leading International Retailer

Cortech Developments have recently assisted a leading international retailer, with multiple sites across the Middle East to mitigate risk and protect their assets, through the integration of the latest building, security and fire technology with Datalog 5.

UAE Case Study Retail

The Client:

On this occasion our end user and client is one of the largest and popular retail hypermarket chains in the world, who are locally present in the GCC, Middle East and Asian Territories. They own and operate over 250 hypermarkets in 15 countries across the region with future desires and plans to extend into another 38 countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and Russia.

For this leading multinational retailer with high value investments, the management company required a comprehensive integrated security management solution to protect its visitors and customers, building premises and ultimately mitigate risks at all its retail units.

The Situation:

Since its establishment in the Middle East region in 1995, this retailer has several premises where, over time, a wide variety of disparate security, surveillance and fire management systems had been installed at different locations, by different system integrators, from different vendors at different times.

Whilst each retail store has its own individual systems such as access control, anti-intrusion alarms, CCTV and fire management, the security personnel had a requirement for a holistic, flexible and scalable integrated security management system. They wanted to be able to unify the monitoring & control of every store by seamlessly integrating with the presently installed systems and offer a comprehensive security solution. This requirement would help to immediately detect and deter incidents on site and ultimately contribute to managing risks to make their security & safety operations more efficient for each retail store.

The system specification required included a scalable and future-proof innovative alarm management suite with industry-leading features and demanded the highest quality so that an immediate response and escalation to any incident could be implemented swiftly.

The Solution:

To date Datalog 5 has been successfully installed, configured and is currently being used at 20 stores across the UAE, Oman, and Egypt. The software platform can offer seamless integration to the currently installed security, safety and CCTV subsystems providing a streamlined and centralised view of operations. The graphical user interface (GUI) can provide the user with situational awareness features and an alarm management suite with full report and audit functions.

With a local Cortech Developments office based in Dubai providing tier-2 support, we can ensure full back up to the system integrators who have installed and commissioned Datalog at each of the individual premises, ensuing that the system will always be fully supported and operational.

The Benefits:

Using an advanced monitoring and control solution, such as Datalog, means that the retailer’s multiple sites now have a state-of-the-art centralised integrated security, safety and surveillance system that mitigates risks, deters theft and continuously protect customers, employees, and premises.

The integrated security system installed at these stores not only acts as an effective situational awareness tool with automatic escalation and reporting but when needed, has the option to supply supporting evidence to catch shoplifters. The system can immediately recall and retrieve high quality video images for any alarm trigger or event instantly without any delay. This evidence in the form of CCTV images can quickly and easily be transferred on to a CD or sent by a secure email file and provided to the police in relation to a specific incident time and date.

Overall, this has helped reduce security breaches, in-store security teams are provided with more efficient operations and have much quicker response times. They can be confident that any criminal activity can continue to be recorded inside or outside of their store by utilising less manpower and therefore saving on OPEX costs, all while seeing a reduction in crime and a safer shopping experience for customers.