International Petrol Stations Improve Overall Management with Assistance of Datalog

Cortech Developments have recently assisted a leading energy company in the Middle East, with multiple sites to increase visibility and improve overall operations through the integration of the multiple systems with Datalog 5.

UAE Petrol Station Case Study

The Client:

In this instance our end user is the number one retail and wholesale fuel brand and convenience store operator in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 1973, this government owned company with over 400 petrol stations across the UAE, offers several different amenities to customers including supermarkets, car washing facilities and of course fuelling for vehicles. Most of these services are open to the public 24/7 and attract a high number of visitors to the sites.

The Situation:

The client previously had no way to gain an insight in how long customers were staying at the locations to fuel their vehicle and use the other services available to them during their visit. There was a requirement to monitor parking bays to understand the duration of stay of vehicles and detect and be notified of any overstays in the retail parking spaces.

They wanted to be able to unify the monitoring & control of data from each location by seamlessly integrating multiple third-party systems into one central GUI, to enhance customer experience and further improve the quality of service, now and in the future.

This requirement would help to immediately detect vehicles occupancy status, durations and overstays and counts the traffic at each individual parking space and fuel pumps.

The Solution:

Currently Datalog has been integrated with multiple Access Control, Video, Intercom, Mapping Systems as well Nedap’s smart parking sensors SENSIT at 150 petrol stations to support the overall management, improve operations, provide full situational awareness and a complete audit trail of alarms, events, and user interactions.

The combination of intelligent data from all the systems allows Datalog to provide an overview of the status of parking bays and optimizes existing capacity by displaying real-time parking capacity.

Key Benefits:

Using an advanced monitoring and control solution, such as Datalog, means that the client is now able to visualises & analyse the data, which is presented in a simple, clear way that will help to enhance operational efficiency. Not only this, but every petrol station will benefit from an improvement in performance while supporting and optimising its OPEX and ROI.

The combination of all unifying all the systems into one helps the user to respond to alarms, events, or alerts triggered in a more efficient and timely manner, while providing a full audit trail and automated reporting.

With this complete solution, real-time information about the occupancy and duration of individual petrol stations and shop parking spaces can be accurately tracked and reported on.