How Vital is a Good Onboarding Process to Your Business Growth Strategy?

Employee onboarding is the process of helping new staff integrate into a business, which is not the same as training. Onboarding is the management of the early stages of a relationship between an organisation and a new employee and begins the very second the job offer is made.

Cortech Developments - Our onboarding process

A well-managed employee onboarding process can deliver engaged and productive members of staff who understand the company culture and their role in it. But if onboarding is badly managed or ignored altogether, a business can see a rapid loss of reputation and profit as it fails to engage and retain the best quality staff.

A recent article published by Business News Daily* states that:

  • Over one-third of companies do not have a structured onboarding process.
  • The focus of onboarding is often orientation, instead of the long term productivity and success of the employee.
  • Poor onboarding is a major cause of employee turnover, which can cost a company 100-300% of the employee’s salary in total.

An onboarding program helps employees to stay engaged, and engaged employees who care about the business they work for, will help it grow. They will be actively looking for solutions, opportunities and want to represent the business as best they can.

Companies with more engaged employees have better results than companies with fewer engaged employees. Some of the positive outcomes associated with having more engaged employees include:

  • Higher profits & lower turnover rates.
  • Better safety records & higher product quality.
  • Positive PR – better customer evaluations.
  • Employees are absent for fewer days.
  • Maintaining strong connections with employees.

However, when and if an employee leaves your company, for whatever reason, it can negatively impact your bottom line and more importantly team morale.

Jason Blundell, Head of Sales & Marketing, comments “At Cortech we value our people and as a result have a low turnover of staff. Engaging on an individual basis is crucial to their empowerment and our onboarding process is just one of the many ways we ensure our existing team and new starters feel welcome in their environment.”

Cortech have recently grown their Support Sales Team with the appointment of Harriet Spinks, the new Sales Proposal Coordinator.

Harriet brings with her a wealth of Sales Administration experience that she has accumulated working in multiple different sectors including Sales & Letting, Airline and Promotional Merchandise over the years.

As with all new members to the team, Harriet went through a comprehensive onboarding process that is designed to make all new employees feel welcomed, engaged, valued and prepared to succeed in their new role. It takes time to reach full benefits, and Cortech believe that following the 5C’s onboarding module – compliance, clarification, culture, connection and check backs provides a truly above-average employment experience.

Impressed by the onboarding process she went through, Harriet explains “From my very first day I was welcomed into a friendly warm environment and have been constantly supported throughout my training process. I immediately felt at ease which has enabled me to feel confident in the role and tasks set before me.”

The appointment of this position is another part of our strategic investment programme, with a view to providing the Sales Team with greater autonomy and allowing Cortech to be more flexible and controlled in providing its customers with an improved service.

Excited by the new opportunity she concludes, “I am extremely excited about being given the opportunity to work within a professional company that encourages innovation and creativity. That inspires all its members to individually grow and develop and then unite to fuel the company’s core values and goals.”

In conclusion, a good onboarding process is important because it acclimates employees to their role, the company’s culture and what the company has to offer. It also engages employees, creating workers that are committed to the company’s success and helps retain new hires by making them feel like a member of the team, which all result in business growth.