A Period of Reflection

As we come to end of our financial year, and the end of 2021 in fact, it’s a good time to reflect back on the past 12 months to process everything that has happened and celebrate all those wins no matter how small or big they were, as well look at how we could have done things differently in order to constantly improve.

Cortech Developments - 2021 Look Back

Cortech are no different to any other business, at the start of our financial year we put aims and objectives in place to achieve throughout the following year. The ultimate goal behind these is that we continue to be the best in class provider of high quality software product solutions, delivering on excellence in our end to end customer experience whilst always improving our people and processes. Providing real added value to our business partners and empowering our people to the best they can be, in an environment they are proud to call their workplace.

As we all know, a lot can happen in 364 days, and sometimes we really need to take a moment, step back, pause and look at what we have all have achieved.

Investment in Our People

Cortech are only as good as our employees, by investing in our people we are investing in the future of Cortech. Over the last 12 months we have hired new team members and invested in our current people. Developing our diverse team of employees means that new ideas, perspectives and talents can be brought to Cortech, innovative ideas are generated creating a forward-thinking approach that stimulates both advancement and growth.

Investment in Technology

The arrival of the COVID-19 Pandemic back in March 2020 meant Cortech had to, as many businesses did, completely rethink how our employees would be able to continue to work. We introduced hybrid working, while most of our staff now choose to work from home, we still have our head office, creating a working environment that caters for different needs which has improved our employees work life home life balance.

In order to accommodate the changing needs of our employees and improve our remote working efforts we have recently invested in a new VoIP telephone system meaning calls can be received from portable devices such as a laptop or mobile phones by linking up all equipment and in office computer applications. Perfect for remote working and businesses with multiple offices – resulting in efficient unified communications.

Upgrading our software and systems, has allowed for more flexibility and with faster online working environments, high-level security, and better screen resolution for end-users working from home all resulting in an experience that allows team members to still feel connected to the wider team while working work more efficiently.

CRM Upgrade

This year we focused on upgrading our CRM Platform, migrating to SugarCloud, and introducing a robust, reliable, secure, compliant, and scalable platform, from which we have not only seen internal productivity gains but have also gained a stronger understanding of our customer experience, in order to be able to deliver more value to our partners.

In recognition of our significant business improvements through the adoption and migrating to SugarCloud, we were delighted to be recognised as the Business Transformation Breakthrough Winner as part of SugarCRM’s 2021 Customer Breakthrough Awards.

Successful CPD Accreditations

It was with great delight that we were able to announce that some of our Learning and Development Courses recently obtained an official CPD Accreditation, the courses were externally audited and reviewed against a nationally recognised standard, delegates attending one of our CPD accredited courses can earn points which count towards their professional development. Here at Cortech we have made a commitment to our Technical Partners that we will always strive to improve our offering to ensure we are delivering a high quality and consistent service to them. Training is no different.

At the beginning of the of the COVID-19 pandemic we took the strategic decision to move away from face to face training and deliver all our course remotely, online. Delegates have provided positive feedback that they still receiving the same benefits and level of interaction as previously, but with the added convenience that they can now attend the courses from any location and that they have seen reduction in pain points and seen productivity gains from this new way of learning.

Online Product Demonstrations

We took that strategic decision during the COVID-19 Pandemic that it was vital we were able to able to offer remote solutions to help our customers operate as near to normality as possible and provide virtual demonstration to showcase Datalog. This way of working has now fundamentally become part of our culture post COVID and the normal way of doing things.

Investing in updating our video conferencing systems here at Cortech HQ, and utilising Teams means we can continue to provide a live window into one of our Datalog Demonstrations to our Technical Partners and end users and that location is no longer a barrier.

Expanding on the success of the investment in our technology we also decided to take all our events online, with the relaunch of the Technical Partner Briefings we can provide our partners with the opportunity to remotely engage and interactive with the team here at Cortech. Not only that but we have been able to create an ongoing, collaborative dialogue with them, to ensure that we can jointly deliver industry leading solutions.

What’s next for Cortech?

We have had an exciting and successful 12 months and we should celebrate this; business partnerships are developing and we are keen to continue to build on the success of 2021.

2022 will be even more exciting, coinciding with our 30th birthday and building on this momentum, our focus will all be about engagement with our partners, users and employees to ensure that we remain customer centric and providing a workplace that our people can be proud of.