Cortech Developments Launch New End User Training

We are excited to announce the launch of two new training modules designed specifically for end users of Datalog. The online training is now available for end users of our software Datalog.

Cortech Developments Launch New End User Training

You have already chosen to improve your organisation’s safety and security with the investment of Datalog, consolidating multiple systems to obtain greater visibility, accountability, and increased productivity. Now is the time to empower your people to adopt a new way of working and realise the true return on investment with the launch of our new training courses.

Jason Blundell, Head of Sales and Marketing for Cortech explains, “As part of our ongoing commitment to our Technical Partners and customers, we are always striving to improve our offering to ensure we are delivering a high quality and consistent service. Following feedback from our end users and Technical Partners we realised a trending theme that not all Datalog users realise the full potential of their software, and therefore don’t fully appreciate the true value of what their system can offer.”

He goes on to explain, “Datalog has evolved so much in its 5 generations, the features, capabilities and functions that are now widely available to its operators are not on everyone’s radar. We want to ensure that all our users are getting the most from Datalog and seeing the true value of the system, our new end user focused training courses have been designed specifically with this in mind.”

“Through working with our customers and partners, we have been able to identify key areas of focus that will provide the greatest added value and benefit to our system users. Allowing Cortech to provide end user training on behalf of our Technical Partners ensures the very latest knowledge transfer and will help our users to get the best out of their investment.”

Datalog Operators Training

This half day virtual training course will provide operators with the knowledge they need to be able to comfortably operate Datalog. By providing them with hands on experience, they will be able to obtain an insight of some of the key functions and features of Datalog and become aware of operational enhanced features, and what benefits these system enhancements could provide them with.

Datalog Managers Training

This one day, virtual training course will provide managers with a general overview of some of the key features of Datalog while going into more detail about certain operational enhanced features that could potentially address specific site issues. They will be given an insight into specific functions of Datalog that will help maximise operational effectivities such as audit trails, user levels and reports.

Jason concludes, “This is a really positive step for us to collaborate and engage with our Technical Partners. To be able to offer these services to our end users, to help them better understand the capabilities of Datalog and how if used to its full potential, the software can mitigate risk, save time and increase situational awareness of the sites they look after.”

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