Importance of Working with Carbon Neutral Suppliers

A company’s environmental impact is measured by the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with its activities, including its supply chain. This is known as its carbon footprint. The higher the emissions, the larger the carbon footprint, and the more damage that is done to the environment. 

Importance of Working with Carbon Neutral Suppliers

In order to reduce their carbon footprints, companies are seeking to reduce the amount of greenhouses gas emissions associated with their activity. Any residual carbon emissions can be offset by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere to achieve net carbon neutrality. 

Up to 90% of an organisation’s environmental impact lies in the value chain – either upstream (supply chain) or downstream e.g. product use phase. Analysing and taking action on your value chain is therefore a vital step for any business that wants to become more sustainable and prepare for a low carbon economy.

“Emissions from supply chains and waste are “hugely important,” says Tom Cumberlege, Associate Director for The Carbon Trust, which works with companies, governments and others to create carbon-reducing plans. “Any company that isn’t measuring the full value chain is not coming to grips with a key piece of their impact.” 

Whether you’re a sole trader or you have a team of over 200, all businesses are part of a supply chain, and many small and medium-sized businesses go through the procurement and tendering process.  

As part of the 2050 Net Zero Legislation, many businesses in both the public sector and private sector are now required to report and account for their greenhouse gas emissions to achieve net carbon zero emission by 2050. So you may start noticing that your customers, suppliers, and partners start asking for your carbon footprint data and your carbon reduction plans.   

Not only this, but customers are showing a growing preference for carbon neutral brands, leading to a fundamental change in consumer and buying behaviour: today, customers demand more than just quality. A study of consumers in the UK and the US found that 88% of would choose brands they use to help them “be more environmentally friendly and ethical in their daily life”.

When your business embarks on a new green initiative, everyone in your supply chain should be made aware. It can be difficult to reduce your overall carbon footprint if you do not have the support from the other businesses you work with. Communicating your goals and working with other Carbon Neutral businesses can have a positive effect on your industry.  

Using suppliers of low-carbon products or services can have more benefits than just helping your business become more environmentally responsible. It can also show stakeholders – such as investors, employees and customers – that you are taking your environmental responsibilities seriously. Those business that fail to adapt to this will probably face challenges in the future. 

Cortech Developments recently achieved Carbon Neutral Certification to ISO 14064 and GHG Emissions Protocol Accounting Standard by working with Carbon Neutral Britain. We recognise the requirement and desire from our end users and technical partners to work with sustainable, environmentally friendly organisations, and are aiming to set the standards within our industry with several different incentives to help tackle climate change.  

No matter whether you’re a big, medium, or small business: reducing greenhouse gas emissions should be a priority for everyone.