Cortech Digital Evolution with MRD Technologies

Upgrading our software and systems with MRD Technologies, has allowed for more flexibility and with faster online working environments, high-level security and better online customer engagement.

Cortech Digital Evolution with MRD Technologies

The Background

Based in Northwich, Cheshire, MRD Technologies were formed with the aim of providing its SME clients with the professional IT and technology support and guidance that large enterprises take for granted.

Having worked in the SME marketplace for years and seen lots of IT providers and telecoms companies always aiming for the “biggest” companies while neglecting the average clients, we decided that we must be able to provide a better approach.

Partnering with industry leading organisations to ensure they have the right tools to deliver what they believe is needed, they feel that the key is service along with business experience.

Understanding why a client should migrate to a particular solution, or what the benefit to the business is in a particular project, means that they can advise what’s right, rather than promoting the latest “thing” because it might be good for them.

The Challenge

Mark Thomas, Director for Cortech Developments explains, “Previously the internet has been slow and unreliable, with occasional drop outs in connections.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic Cortech have implemented multiple new ways of working, including employees working from home and taking everything online, including training our partners, demonstrations of our products and even events.

It was vital we were able to offer remote solutions to help our customers operate as near to normality as possible, but we just didn’t have suitable bandwidth.”

MRD Technologies Approach

MRD Technologies said: “The pandemic rapidly accelerated the trend in IT for more flexible working, along with that came a need for greater bandwidth, particularly to facilitate a hybrid IT infrastructure such as Cortech’s.

This new solution had its challenges due to Cortech’s rural location, however these were overcome, and they are now able to take full advantage of greater stability and a significantly faster internet connection.”

The Result

  • Faster – 100Mbs per second compared to their pervious 20Mbs microwave link.
  • More robust – Cortech’s connection over microwave was deteriorating due to line of sight restrictions.
  • More secure – Cortech have recently achieved ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials accreditations, so the latest secure hardware and security monitoring with higher standard of encryption was installed.
  • Cost effective – The reduction in cost by moving suppliers, has allowed for Cortech to invest this finical gain to other areas of the business.
  • Faster remote access speeds to the server and improved internet access from within the office.
  • In the process Cortech have also strengthened and improved the security around the VPN access.

Cortech said: “Upgrading our software and systems, has allowed for more flexibility and with faster online working environments, high-level security, better online customer engagement, and a much-improved working from home experience that allows team members to still feel connected to the wider team whilst working more efficiently.”

The Reference

Mark Thomas, Director – Cortech Developments explained, “Cortech Developments offices are located in a rural area in Cheshire and have historically been limited to low broadband bandwidth connection to the Internet. As a progressive organisation we required greater bandwidth to facilitate our migration for digital delivery of our sales, support and customer training services to support our UK and international business.

The installation of fibre to our property has historically been commercially unviable due to the excessive extra capital costs (ECC) of installation to the nearest termination point. Following extensive research, we investigated the market in 2020 to find a internet service partner, who could provide us with a fibre connected 100Mb upload/download service. We progressed this to quotations from several providers across the UK.

The quality of MRD Technologies sales support was a standout ‘head and shoulders’ above their competition. Their technical sales team provided a personal approach to our requirements and endeavoured to overcome the limitation of ECC costs provided by others. Furthermore, following placing an order, as COVID impacted their supply chain, MRD continued to provide us with regular updates to the point of installation and commissioning of our new internet service.

I would have no hesitation in highly recommending MRD Technologies as a one-stop supplier of digital communication services, based upon our experience of their competitive pricing combined with their quality of service.”

To find our more about MRD Technologies you can visit their website here