Software Updates Vs Software Upgrades

We all know that not updating or upgrading our software can lead to problems, but do we really know the differences between the two actions.

Software Updates Vs Software Upgrades

Whilst there are different reasons for each action, it is important to remember that software updates and a software upgrade will both affect product performance, and are integral to security, hardware compatibility, and a smooth user experience.

Software Updates

Software updates are typically small and released frequently, with the intention to:

  • fix any known bugs or issues
  • update any security protocols and patches
  • add minor software enhancements and compatibility
  • improve application speed/performance.

For example, a common operating system update is a security update, which is issued to protect your computer against vulnerabilities that might be exploited by hackers and viruses.

Although these updates or software patches, as they are sometimes referred to are usually small, they do play in important role in the operating of your software.

Software Upgrades

A software upgrade is different. Instead of adding to your existing software, an upgrade is a new version of the software product entirely. It will supersede the version you are currently using and come with more features & functions, incorporate new technology, and generally run smoother and easier.

In most cases a new version of software will be released when a significant change or major improvement has been made, or when after a while, a version of software is no longer supported as it’s no longer compatible with hardware and operating systems.

Typically, all software applications are assigned versions numbers, in our case we have had Datalog 1,2,3,4 and are now operating on the latest version Datalog 5.2.


In both cases it is important to remember that both software updates and software upgrades play an important part in the security, functionality, stability, performance and user experience of the software platform your business is using.

Our latest software, Datalog 5.2, provides integration with a range of 3rd party technologies that optimises your workplace safety, security and building efficiency, while providing a more flexible and enhanced solution, increasing operator’s situational awareness and accountability while reducing risks.

If you believe you are running an outdated version of Datalog at one of your sites and would like to discuss the possibilities of upgrading to the latest version, then contact your Account Manager or email