Cortech Reduce Carbon Emissions Further

Following their recent Carbon Neutral certification, Cortech Developments were looking at ways that they could be greener to the environment. As a result they approached Environmental Roofing Services (ERS) last year for advice on how renewable energy, though the installation of solar panels could help.

Cortech Reduce Carbon Emissions Further

Established in 1992, Cortech Developments is a privately owned, premier provider of software integration solutions for smarter building, fire, and security systems.

The company offers software development and management systems across the globe, working with building owners, consultants, integrators, and manufacturers to maximise safety and efficiency.

Cortech are passionate about reducing their impact on the environment, dramatically cutting their carbon footprint and are determined to demonstrate environmental leadership and influence the market by tackling climate change.

The first step to impacting climate change was to become a Carbon Neutral Business, the next step was to utilise solar energy as a sustainable means to powering their operation with the installation of a 10kW solar PV system, whilst saving on electricity, any unused energy is be fed back for use by the national grid.

The Result

ERS Ltd worked onsite over five days to install a 10kW Solar Photovoltaic system, which is designed to generate substantial electricity to provision the power requirements of the site and to contribute to Cortech’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

The implementation has been successful in reducing energy consumption from the national grid as well as lowering Cortech’s overall carbon emissions.

Whilst Cortech’s recent Carbon Neutral certification did not include any renewable energy offset, next year as a direct result of this investment, their CO²e Emissions Offset will be reduced even further.

Jason Blundell, Head of Sales and Marketing for Cortech explains, “We decided to generate our own clean electricity because we wanted to reduce both our operating costs and our impact on the environment. The new system is working really well, and we are really pleased with the installation.”

10kW Solar Photovoltaic system

He continues “ERS were able to set up the system in the ideal location, sourced quality components, ensured that the solar panels deliver maximum energy yield, all while making sure safety, not only for their workers, but for any of our staff who were on site was of the highest standards.”

Jason concludes “Whilst the system was being installed, we had already generated circa 80kW of electricity which not only offset our electricity costs but is an evidenced statement to show that we are committed to being a sustainable organisation.”